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Sources of Strength

Discover Sources of Strength
Henderson Middle School

Mission: Our mission is to provide the highest quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, help and strength.
Vision: We believe that many strengths are more powerful than one, and our united goal is to activate and mobilize these strengths in ways that positively change individuals and communities.

What is Sources of Strength?

Sources of Strength is a strength-based, comprehensive wellness program that focuses on suicide prevention but impacts other issues such as substance abuse and violence. The program is based on a relational connections model that uses teams of Peer Leaders mentored by Adult Advisors to change peer social norms about help seeking and encourages students to individually assess and develop strengths in their life.

Sources of Strength is most often implemented as a school-based program in middle school, high school, or college.  It promotes and focuses on connectivity, school bonding, peer-adult partnerships, and help seeking behaviors.

Trained peer leaders use their network of friends to:

  • Have one-on-one conversations.

  • Develop Hope, Help, and Strength messages using local faces and voices.

  • Present peer-to-peer presentations.

How do I get involved with Sources of Strength at Henderson Middle School?
Our peer leaders are nominated by students, teachers, counselors and parents and are selected and trained at the beginning of each school year.  These are students who have been recognized for their compassion, kindness, and motivation to help others.  Our peer leaders are NOT junior counselors or social workers--though they may identify needs in the school and notify the counseling team for further support--they serve as ambassadors of hope, strength and positive change.  We focus on our individual strengths and the strengths of our school and community so that even in challenging times, no one feels alone.
Our hope is that every member of our school community is affected by and involved with our schoolwide campaigns to promote hope, strength and resilience.
If you have questions about Sources of Strength, please contact Ms. Christina Custer, School Social Worker, or Ms. Robin Topa, Head Counselor.

To learn more CLICK HERE to visit the Sources of Strength Website


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