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Henderson Middle School

Dekalb County Schools



Department Chairs: Pat Allen-Threat & Alice Richards 

Students in a science classroom are actively engaged in the hands-on exploration of the world around them. The Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) are the foundation from which all instruction is built. When coupled with best practices such as Marazano's High Yield Strategies and Webb's Depth, students are equipped to understand scientific concepts, develop higher order thinking, and inquiry-based skills. The students learn subject matter disciplines in the context of inquiry, technology, personal and social perspectives, and the history and nature of science. This hands-on approach utilizes explorations that investigate and analyze scientific questions. The students are required to demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematically as they actively investigate scientific concepts and share the results of their experimentation. This leads to students that are engaged in learning and prepared for either the workforce or matriculation at an institution of higher learning.

For the Georgia Standards of Excellence for science in grades 6-8, please see: