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I have created a generic account that all of my students can use to access the online edition of our interactive literature textbook.  Here are the steps:
Step 1- Go to
Step 2-Click on the Sign In hyperlink
Step 3-Under the Returning Visitors section, enter the username (excellentstudent123456), the password (123456), and click Submit to access the online textbook.
Step 4-You will be redirected to the Sign In Successful page. Click Return to ClassZone.
Step 5-The ClassZone Book Finder page should populate. (You should see a picture of your textbook.) Click the green Go icon.
Step 6- Scroll to the bottom on the page. Click on the blue Online Book hyperlink. (You will see it next (to the right) of a picture of your literature textbook.) 
Step 7-A box should open with a picture of your textbook. At this point, you now have full access to your online textbook. Begin using your book and its features (Contents, Tools, Sound, the Page Viewer, along with the Zoom).
Helpful Hint;  If you know the page number(s) that you are assigned to use, you may enter it directly under the Page feature. After entering the page number, press the Enter key. This will take you directly to your requested page.  
Steps for Creating an Individual Student Account 
You can access your literature textbook online by following these steps below
Step 1- Go to
Step 2- Select your subject (Middle School Language Arts).
Step 3-~Select the state (Georgia).
Step 4-~Click on the green "Go" button to Find Your Book.
Step 5-~Select the red and gray McDougal Littel Literature, Grade 7 textbook.
Step 6- ~A new page will pop up. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Online Book link.

Step 7-The Online Book Copyright Notice will pop up. Check the "Do Not Display This Message Again" box, and click Continue.

Step 8-Next, you will be asked to Sign In. Since this will be your first time, under the New Visitors box, click on Create a Student Account.

Step 9- A pop will ask you for an activation code. Your code is 5671648-70.
There are two boxes. Enter 5671648 in the first box, and 70 in the second box. Click Continue

Step 10-Enter your birth date. (You must be 13 and older in order to have a valid student account.)

Step 11-Fill in the information to create your student account. Click Continue.

Step 12-The next screen will display your user name and security question. Either print this page out and save it, or write the information down in your agenda. After you have secured the information, click Continue.

Step 13-The registration page will pop up again. This time, a short cut to your book should be located. Click the green "Go" button next to your book.

Step 14-Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Online Book link. This time, your literature textbook should pop up. You should not have any problems using the textbook online at this point.
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