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Team 8A
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  This is sure to be one of the most interesting and memorable school years ever.  I want to start off by promising to do everything in my power to offer you as close to the same education that you would be receiving from me in a normal school setting.  This will take some self motivation and determination on your end as well but if you're willing to put in the time and effort I'm certain you will gain everything you need to learn about 8th grade math.  I will be using the Google Classroom format this year for teaching and communicating with you.  Info on how to access your classroom page will be posted in VERGE.  Parents, please make sure to your child has the following for math class this year:

3 ring binder
Loose leaf paper
Graph paper
basic calculator  
If possible a small white board and white board markers. If not anything that you can use to hold up and show your answers to math problems. 


Classwork and Homework

3-3-30 Graphing systems of linear equations handout 
1-29-20 Rise over Run handout 
1-7-20 Graphing Unit Rage Handout 
12-10 Finish Volume word problems handout 
12-3 Volume of cylinders, cones, spheres handouts. page 1 
11-14 Pythagorean Theorem handout.  Both sides- show your work 
11-12 Pythagorean Theorem handout #'s 1-9 
10-30 USA Test prep assignment- Scientific Notation 
10-24 Make sure the 3 USA test prep exponent assignements are complete.  
10-22 Exponent Rules handout.  Quiz this Friday- radicals (simplifying and estimating) and exponents 
10-18 Complete front side of exponent rules handout.  
10-1 Simplifying Radicals handout 
9-25-19 Finish Square root/cube root handout if not completed in class.  Memorize square roots and cube roots (notes) 
9-17-19 Study guide page 2 
9-16-19 Study guide page 1  
Unit 1 test Transformations and Angle Measurements will be Wednesday September 18th 
9-12-19 Finish Angle Relationships handout if not completed in class.  
9-10-19 Complementary/Supplementary Angles handout and Transformations handout due Wednesday.  
9'3-19 Study Vocabulary and class notes that were taken today.  Quiz on transformations will be this Friday.  
Notes are taken almost daily.  Please ensure your child is looking over their notes and practicing their vocabulary at least 2 to 3 times per week. 
There will be 1 to 2 homework assignments per week on average that should consist of 15 or 20 minutes of instructional practice. 
Late homework will be 10 points off every day that it is late. 
Please try to provide your child with the following for this school year:
3 ring binder
Loose leaf paper
Graph paper
Basic calculator

Math Stuff

Please make sure to stay organized.  Our math binders should have 3 sections for warm ups, class notes, and vocabulary.  We should also have pockets in our binders or folders for handouts.  
Georgia Middle School Math Standards:
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