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HMS Literacy Tip of the Month - March



Yes, we need to continue to assist our students with the famous GA Milestones.  Please see the information below for additional resources for that test in all disciplines. Students, parents and teachers should benefit from using these resources.

  1. GO to the GA Department of Education website
  2.  TYPE EOG Assessment Guide in the SEARCH THIS SITE box located in the top right corner.
  3.  CLICK the  grade level you are interested in.
  4.  USE and SHARE the guide with our students. Students may use the GA Milestones Guides to study at home--not just at school.  (Test practice samples are available for ALL core content areas.) 
  5. SEARCH this website for other helpful resources.



Thank you,

Dr. Herschelle Barrios
English Language Arts (ELA) Academic Coach

Henderson Middle School