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HMS Literacy Tip of the Month - January



The DCSD has a vocabulary initiative to emphasize the importance of learning vocabulary in all content areas.  A fun vocabulary activity is "Vocabulary Sort" highlighted in Adolescent Literacy ( by Ms. Rosemary Taylor.  Enjoy!



Vocabulary Sort

* The teacher will determine the number of students who should work together; it might be groups of three students or more.

1. Print vocabulary on one color of paper and definitions on another color. 

2. Cut out each vocabulary and definition. 

3. Place one complete set in a bag and make enough bags for each pair* of students in the class. 

4. Give each pair of students a bag of words and definitions. 

5. Give them five (5) minutes to sort the vocabulary and definitions. 

6. Then, tell the students to take out their notes and textbook--or other resources the vocabulary words would have come from--and find the ones that were not matched and check those they think are correct.

7. Students will discuss and determine the correct vocabulary and definitions and teach their classmates their bags of vocabulary words and definitions.  They may choose to dramatize, draw and/or select other creative methods to teach their vocabulary words.  


Thank you,

Dr. Herschelle Barrios
English Language Arts (ELA) Academic Coach

Henderson Middle School

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